How the game was created, and its continuing influence

This growing collection of stories about The Oregon Trail includes a rich set of details on how this classic game was created. Other stories look at the lasting influence that the game has had on modern culture, such as the many Oregon Trail memes found on the internet.

The Game

A walkthrough of the famous Apple II game from 1985

If you fondly remember The Oregon Trail game from the 1980s – or even if you don't, but you would like to know what all the fuss is about – here is the place to get a a quick overview. This brief walkthrough will take you through all the key screens in the game.


How to play the game for free, along with downable files

This section of the website explains several different ways to access classic versions of The Oregon Trail online for free. In the near future other free resources will added to this section as well, including historical artifacts and a downloadable version of the game.